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Leviathan Financial Management was founded in 2015 by Bryan Fitzgerald, John Hayden and Darren Krett as a means to enhance and simplify option analysis by drawing on their 90 years of combined experience. With a deep bench of technical and back office support, clients receive direct access to unique research tools through our online portal, allowing them to identify outstanding risk-reward opportunities and the ability to expertly capture them.

Built by traders for traders

The founders, who each have a highly successful history in trading, decided to transition to the broking side of the business and utilize their experience and expertise to create unique solutions for other traders, swap dealers, bank traders and market makers. We would like to introduce Leviathan.

Our aim is to add value

At Leviathan we are aware that traders need to be able to access their systems and be able to do analysis at any time. We accurately model a wide range of financial instruments including derivatives on Eurodollars, S&P and Treasury options.

We are a one of a kind research tool. Leviathan has been built to identify opportunities within the exchange-based option markets. Leviathan is the industry’s premiere option analytics system, providing “clean” and accurate option analytics across all exchange-based futures and options going back over 35 years.

Our mission

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Is to hand the tools, to professionals and amateurs alike, to safely navigate the world of options trading as if you were a veteran. To allow us to do the heavy lifting and give our users the best technical charting and data for options in the world.

Our vision

To create the most compelling and easy to use option analytics system that has ever been made available to the public. At Leviathan We accurately model a wide range of financial instruments including derivatives on Eurodollars, S&P, Treasury and all other options.

Our values

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Each partner has been in the financial industry for over 30 years and the first words we were told when we started were “my word is my bond”, it is the foundation of our core beliefs. Integrity, honesty and valuing our word, even when it might be inconvenient or mean we miss out on a better opportunity. We want to provide our customers with the best possible tools to level the playing field, when up against other professionals.

Our Team

Trading intelligence


Bryan Fitzgerald


Cargill, Goldman Sachs, Peak 6, Tradelink, Ketchum

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John Hayden


BNP, Cooper Neff, Peak6, Tradelink, Ketchum

Darren Krett


FCT, MAKO, Balyasny Asset Management, Liquid Capital Management

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