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Heat Map

A fundamental risk management tool

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What is heat map?

A fundamental risk management tool is the ability to measure the profit and loss of a trade or position over time and changes in market price and conditions. Our Heat maps are forward looking data visualizations, allowing you to view a 2 dimensional grid showing you the price or P&L of your selected position or structure over underlying future or stock moves and how that price or P&L changes over time and with respect to moves in the underlying equity or future. You can specify market conditions in an easy to understand manner.

How does heat map help a trader?

Understanding risk is one of the most important things in trading. Options can be one of the most complex financial instruments but when wielded correctly can yield the greatest results. Trying to ascertain the total risk of a position, with its many moving parts can be challenging for the most experienced traders.

How can Leviathan help with heat map?

Leviathan does all the workload for you! Presenting you with a simple visual representation of risk and P&L. The predictive capabilities of the Leviathan allow you to safely navigate your true risk and help minimize portfolio drawdowns. You can also look at how your option greeks change over time and movement and beta adjust spreads to analyze the strategy’s performance in flattening, steepening, backwardation or cantango markets. By demonstrating how and why things could quite quickly become much better or worse in new and unexpected ways, heat map improves readiness for the range of possibilities the future may hold.

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