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Leviathan Reporting

With Leviathan subscription you will receive daily reports direct to your inbox directly from our expert managers who collectively have over 100 years of successful option trading experience. In our streaming service we will be broadcasting directly from the Trading Floor where you will get the latest news and reports on intraday moves and discussions on the trading topics of the day.

Leviathan’s team believe in honesty and transparency and wanted to create a system that would allow the common trader the same advantages offered to the heavyweights at the banks and other trading houses that have artificial intelligence built into their systems. Our objective is to level the playing field.

How does tutorials help a trader?

There are multiple websites that will show you option basics but none that will give you direct access to experts, that will teach you in the same way that the professionals are taught but in a fun and simple way where you can feel more confident in the way the option world works. This is the only trading course you will ever need. You will also have access to our option tutorial library with lessons for beginners through to expert level traders. For members there will also be webinars and trading discussions.

In our courses you will learn how options can work for you and instead of being high risk, can be used to create lower risk strategies with less risk than buying outright stock but with just as high a return. You will learn all you need to know about option trading, market metrics, strategy and position management and how to take advantage of the Leviathan systems. You will learn about different strategies that can not only help you make the returns you keep reading about but also protect you from having to post loss memes on WSB or protect your profits once you’ve made them.

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