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US Initial Jobless Claims w/e 211k vs. Exp. 195.0k (Prev. 190.0k)US Non-Farm Payrolls* (Feb) 311k vs. Exp. 205.0k (Prev. 517.0k, Rev. 504k); two-month net revisions: -34k (prev. +71k)

Darren Krett

Thursday 9 March 2023

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US Non-Farm Payrolls* (Feb) 311k vs. Exp. 205.0k (Prev. 517.0k, Rev. 504k); two-month net revisions: -34k (prev. +71k) facebookUS Non-Farm Payrolls* (Feb) 311k vs. Exp. 205.0k (Prev. 517.0k, Rev. 504k); two-month net revisions: -34k (prev. +71k) twitterUS Non-Farm Payrolls* (Feb) 311k vs. Exp. 205.0k (Prev. 517.0k, Rev. 504k); two-month net revisions: -34k (prev. +71k) linkedin

End Of Day Report March 9th


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-	Fed Vice Chair of Supervision Barr says crypto needs appropriate guardrails
-	Saudi Arabia is reportedly asking the US to provide security guarantees and help to develop its civilian nuclear programme as Washington 
        tries to broker diplomatic relations between Saudi and Israel, according to WSJ citing sources
-	White House releases fiscal 2024 budget proposal that projects USD 6.883tln in total spending, USD 5.036tln in revenues; projects annual 
        deficits over USD 1tln each year through 2033
-	White House Budget Director says US President Biden does not want expiration of Trump tax cuts that would result in higher rates for 
        those making less than USD 400k per year


U.S. stocks trimmed earlier gains and extended losses on Thursday afternoon after trading modestly higher after the open when the latest weekly jobless claims data showed an unexpectedly large uptick in the number of Americans filing for unemployment benefits.
Traders are now looking ahead to Friday’s closely watched February jobs report from the Department of Labor. Economists survey expects that 225,000 jobs were created last month after the incredible 517,000 new jobs that were created in January, a number that was somewhat higher than economists had anticipated. So as far as the economy Vs equites goes, we may be in for a bad news is good news for tomorrows number.


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Tuesday 7 March 2023


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Wednesday 8 March 2023

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