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End of day report April 3rdUS Factory Ex-Transp MM * (Feb) -0.3% (Prev. 1.2%, Rev. 0.8%)

Queen Phoebe

Tuesday 4 April 2023

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US Factory Ex-Transp MM * (Feb) -0.3% (Prev. 1.2%, Rev. 0.8%) facebookUS Factory Ex-Transp MM * (Feb) -0.3% (Prev. 1.2%, Rev. 0.8%) twitterUS Factory Ex-Transp MM * (Feb) -0.3% (Prev. 1.2%, Rev. 0.8%) linkedin

Morning Market Report – 4 April 2023


morning report


Morning Report Apr 4th
[00:00:00] Morning everyone. Darren at Leviathan Financial, , European stock market is up half percent after better than German trade data. , meanwhile the s & p 500, you can see here, futures, right near the seven week highs, , up a little bit less, but, , doing very well. Bank fears, dissipate as, we head into the Easter break, most of, , Europe and a lot of the US having their, , holidays this week.
And most of the news headlines today will undoubtedly be about, president Trump’s arrest. While also in the News Finland will officially become the 31st state to join nato. their flag will be raised, so, Russia’s really happy about that. Not much in the way of numbers. This week we’ll be focused on non-farm payrolls.
, that’s out on Friday. So great. Thanks to the Bureau of Labor [00:01:00] Statistics for keeping that, , date and people coming in to work on Good Friday. Awesome. , here is a chart of the s & p volatility, , on a constant maturity basis. Going back, as you can see, the spike in 2020. But also note, currently at the moment we are on, , year lows of volatility there.
, so as we head into the summer months, Jamie Diamond put out something earlier on about, in the , his annual report for JP Morgan saying more focus on inflation and that if it still remains higher, doesn’t come off sharp. Fed may need to raise rates more than is currently being priced in. So we’re gonna be back on that bandwagon.
So anyway, we will focus again on non-farm and the effects on that can have in the market next couple of days. Otherwise, have a great day trading everyone.

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