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Darren Krett

Wednesday, 13 March 2024

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option plays for Dollar General (DG) and beyond



A couple to look at today, first up Dollar General..

The chart is looking quite constructive with the potential of a retracement towards the levels we saw about a year ago...I am going to look out 100 odd days , so focusing on the JUne expiration and look to target a break above the 61.8% fib retracement, while still making money above $204

And this is the BB1 list that was generated I ended up going with BB1's advice and picking its favorite;

also referred to as a BULL SPREAD, I like how this looks on the heat map Youll only have to see it go up above $170 before you start making some decent money on this trade and given that we are implying over a $13 move for earnings this has every chance

Now for the downside...what if it fails and looks to head back to the $145 area Im using the same expiration

Now the market seems to be pricing in more of a disappointment based on the skews which in turn looks like the returns for these plays arent as good as I would have hoped , but at least the fly you know your risk

So this would be the pick for me as a downside trade, if thats your feeling Pretty targetted but still gives you a lot of wiggle room short term

and remember...always rather be lucky than good , happy hunting....

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