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Darren Krett

Friday 5 May 2023

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Leviathan is the best option analytic tool in the world. Have access to a system that will allow you to compete with the biggest professional trading desks out there. Even a trader of 30 years cannot walk into a random stock or ETF and confidently say what is value. Our system allows the most basic/beginner trader to have better knowledge of any instrument than any specialist in the world, built by the most respected traders in their industry with collectively over 100 years of experience between the 3 partners at the top firms in the financial markets.

NOBODY ELSE can tell you the perfect combination of options that will give you the BEST return if your view is correct. BB1 on Leviathan CAN. True AI that scans over a billion different combination of options, analyses a multi dimensional risk model on every iteration to give a definitive list of trades to do based on either ROI or our proprietary Leviathan Trade Score that will look at the best trades based on our multi-dimensional risk /reward get an exact entry price (including costs), exact profit targets and how the profit and loss of the trade will look , going forward in time.

Other systems claim great performance. But we show you. we give you an up-to-date, FORWARD LOOKING profit/loss scenarios. We also provide a composite historical performance. For every scan you may run, we display the overall risk, breakdown of every leg and long/short, and total profit/loss.

Ease of use,option trading made simple!

you don’t even have to type anything in, a few clicks of your mouse and you will have all the information you’ll ever need, right at your fingertips Build the most complicated combinations of options and see if it is relatively cheap or expensive Scan any US equity,etf,fx,future and option in seconds. Live option pricing, live option Greeks, live market news STOCKS: Over 5,600 stocks, ETF’s: Over 1,280 ETF’s Futures: contracts from across 8 categories, including indices,aggs, energies, currencies, financials, softs. Forex: 28 Forex pairs, including the USD, EUR, JPY, GBP, AUD, CAD and CHF. We offer all the major pairs and crosses.


In trading, trust is paramount. And it’s important to us that you trust our data. So for every index, stock, ETF, futures contract, forex pair, sector and industry, we provide up to 30 years of historical option data. Our system visually allows you to easily backtest your trade ideas and see how that trade has performed over the any time period. Look how it did over the 2008 crisis or the Pandemic, information is everything. Stay informed with twice daily reports and a live news headlines as they happen


Get tutored by ex-Goldmans' traders pn how to best trade options and other market related things

Use the best charting library on the market to research key levels for equities, indices, commodities, interest rates, FX & cryptos Visualize all our datasets with powerful charts. From option,s open interest to normalized historical volatility surfaces and many more, we are able to provide you with invaluable information to help you plan your trades in the best possible conditions. VOLUME and OPEN INTEREST ANALYSIS

a tool lets you see where the players are taking positions , what has been bought or sold recently and an tool that allows you to compare any given day to another to give you an easy visual of what’s going on Volatility move analysis that shows you how volatility is moving and the projected market range for the day, that helps you determine your positions and potential risk

FEATURES INCLUDE; real-time alerts and news, AI option assistant, ultimate charting and technical analysis, skew and option ranking analysis, tutorials, in depth forward thinking risk analysis, volatility analysis, surface analysis, charting tools and much more….


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Darren Krett

Friday 10 February 2023


Options limit risk a. An option gives the holder a risk-limiting position in the underlying. b. Because they limit risk, they provide symmet


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