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Leviathan’s technology optimizes your gains while minimizing your risk. Easily visualize your path forward before you even enter a trade.

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Options Backtesting Software

View the true value of any option combination, using the largest option & best database in the world, with our backtesting software you can see how any relative stock,options or futures strategies would have been valued going back over 25 years

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Big Boy (BB1)

Don’t know what to do? BB1 is the first of its kind analysis tool that instantaneously calculates over a billion iterations to show you the best risk/reward option strategies, long term or short term, all you need is a direction and timeframe.

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View every strike volatility and look back on how they have moved over any time period or compare different months entire volatility curve live

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Line Chart

Using the world’s most powerful html5 charting system with 100s of studies you can easily chart any option, future or equity combination imaginable

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Heat Map

One of easiest and best risk management tools in the marketplace, which has the ability to measure the Profit and Loss and option greeks of any trade or position live and in the future!

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Vols & Range Predictor

See what the latest moves in implied volatility are and also what range the market is predicting in the future

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See the relatively cheapest or most expensive option in any series

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Leviathan Insights

The latest news, podcasts, seminars and trading advice for beginners up to advanced traders

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Volume/Open Interest

**Follow the flow of unusual trades and peoples positions. compare changes over any time period to uncover what the smart money is up to**

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Option Calculator/ Structure analyzer

Our easy to use structure panel allow easy entry and an edge in being able to instantly see what the net Greeks of any combination of options that you may have in your portfolio or can even think of. Input any trade to see how it would work in the real world without risking any money

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why Trade Options?

Options are beautiful but complex and scary. Now you could be taking a yolo approach and punting around in calls and puts and some of you are going to make some money, but will this approach really make you wealthy? Will it give you the kind of security that you need ? Some of you may have realized now that the odds are stacked against you.

I’ve found a good analogy is to compare the options market like a large casino where the people that make the pricing (the market makers) are the house. Now most people when they go into a casino are just having wild swings for the fences, a total punt as you would generally do at a racetrack. No some of these people will get a buzz out of losing so if that’s the case then there’s not a lot I can help you with. But really, the name of the game here is to beat the house. To make money! To WIN! No if that interests you, if the idea of being successful interests you, then you should keep exploring

Stock Option & AI Trading Software At Your Fingertips

In an age where data is king, having the right analytics tool for stock trading is paramount. Leviathan Financial Management offers the most comprehensive option analytics tool in the market. Whether you’re focused on selling stocks, hedging risks, or analyzing volatility, our tool is tailored to meet all your trading needs. Its robust features give traders a strategic edge, turning raw data into actionable insights.

Our analyzer tool is designed to cater to traders’ myriad strategies in the stock market. From day trading to long-term investments, from bullish options to bearish, our tool provides thorough analysis, ensuring profitable outcomes. Furthermore, with our options trading calculator, you can effortlessly assess potential profits and losses, making risk-free trading a reality. We have different online choices to meet your needs.

Best Option Strategy Builder: Boost Your Trading Success

In the realm of buying and selling options trading, having a sound strategy is the key to success. With Leviathan’s advanced option strategy builder, traders can craft the most profitable strategies tailored to their needs. Whether you’re new to options trading or a seasoned pro, our builder is adaptable, catering to different trading techniques and market conditions.
Using our buying and selling strategy builder, traders can explore various templates, from multi-leg to leap options, ensuring they harness every trading opportunity. With our in-depth analysis, each strategy is risk-assessed, allowing traders to choose the best options, whether they’re focused on hedging, neutral strategies, or volatility.

Understanding Our Options Analyzer Tools

Our options analyzer tools are the heart of our platform, providing real-time analysis to traders across the globe. The integration of AI ensures the analysis is timely, relevant, and, most importantly, actionable.

Stock trading is as much an art as it is a science. With our tools, traders can examine the nuances of the market, predict trends, and spot profitable trading opportunities. The range of analyzer tools we offer, from technical to advanced, ensures that traders have a holistic view of the market. Plus, with our best options trading courses and insights even novices can quickly become seasoned traders. You can learn how to build a long-term template for yourself!

Strategic Approaches to Options Trading Analysis

At Leviathan, we believe in equipping traders with the most strategic approaches to options trading. We understand that every trader has a unique style and preference. Whether it’s day trading, long-term investments, or anything in between, our platform offers a plethora of analysis strategies for all.

Our commitment is to provide traders with the most advanced tools to maximize their potential gains while effectively managing risks. With our platform, traders can employ different options strategies, from hedging to neutral, ensuring every trade is profitable. In addition, our weekly option strategies guide offers a cheat sheet for traders, ensuring they’re always ahead of the curve.

Rely on Leviathan Financial Management for the Best Online Stock Analysis Strategies

At Leviathan Financial Management, our platform is built on the foundations of robust research, advanced technology, and a genuine commitment to empowering traders. We invite you to explore our website and discover our features and tools. We’ve got you covered from AI-driven stock analysis to comprehensive trading courses. Embrace the future of stock trading with Leviathan Financial Management and unlock unparalleled success in the market. Check us out today!

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